Wood is the most basic staff of mankind, which has survived well from the ancient history of Iran. The special features of wood-based panel boards are uniform and similar to wood, smooth and dense surface, wide range of thickness and dimensions, malleability on the surface and edges, possibility of inlaying and coloring on the surface, high resistance and resistance stability, mild nature. Moreover, the beauty and appearance of it, has caused the more usage of this product compared to other wooden products and artifacts.

Wood-based panel boards produced by this industrial group under the brand "SINAMDF" are raw and laminated, with the use of the highest technology of the world, and with competitive quality compared to similar European products in accordance with EN310-EN319-EN320 and national standards. 7416/14092 is being produced in the factories of Arian Saeed Industrial Group, in order to supply domestic and international markets

SINAMDF has always been a pioneer in acquiring new technologies from around the world to Iran, establishing ourselves as a leading provider of a wide range of wood-based panel boards in Middle Eastern countries.

We believe that by adherence to our slogan: “Express, Strong, Air, Economy” we can serve all the desires of our beloved customers.

Features of SINAMDF
Quality and Innovation
Variety in Product Specifications
In order to improve supply of wood-based panel boards, SINAMDF products are supplied in a variety of density, coating, dimensions, thickness and other characteristics.
Variety in Dimensions
SINAMDF is ready to supply its products with a width of 1.2 to 2.44 meters, a length of 2.4 to 4.1 meters, and a thickness of 0.006 to 0.032 meters according to your order.
Continuous Supply
SINAMDF has been able to take a big step in the self-sufficiency of this industry in Iran and is ready to produce to the extent of more than 1,500,000 cubic meters per year.
Express, Strong, Air, Economy
By adhering to this slogan, SINAMDF aims to provide its customers with products of standard quality and resistance, at the most economy price and in the fastest possible time.
Practical Packaging
by using MDF sheet with thickness of 6 mm, SINAMDF has been able to take a step in the direction of protecting the environment, in addition to affordable and practical packaging for customers.
Online Sales Platform
By providing a smart online sales platform, SINAMDF is ready to provide all the needs of its customers easily, with just a few clicks.
Optimal After-Sales Service
SINAMDF will continuously support its customers in order to provide optimal services and respect them.
Ability to Produce any Customized Order
SINAMDF is able to produce any customized order of customers with any possible changes in product’s features.
SINAMDF Products
Getting Aware of Our Latest Products
We put our latest products and immediately notify you
Tracking Your Order
You can track your order while it is delivered to you.
Reading SINAMDF Latest News
We provide the latest news of the SINAMDF in this website.
Awesome Support
We try our best to hear your voice and answer to all of your needs.
Easy-to-Use and Friendly Environment
We provide you a really friendly website to order as easy as possible.
Getting Aware of Our Discounts
You can be sure that you get notified of our discounts through this website.